2015 Miss Janesville & Court

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By Jerry Groebner, Times Editor
Janesville: Five young ladies participated in the “Rockin around the Clock” themed pageant on Thursday, June 18, in the JWP auditorium. The candidates, Emily Borneke, Gabbie Hagen, Kylie Morton, Alli Schuch and Mikaela Wehking, started the evening by dancing to “Rock Around the Clock,” complete with Poodle Skirts from the era. The girls had met with the three judges for 10 minute interviews in hopes of becoming the 2015 Miss Janesville. During the pageant, each girl performed in a talent contest of her choice, posed in an evening gown judging, and answered a question presented by the judges. After the young ladies completed the competitive section of the evening, the judges met to compare notes and to vote for the new Miss Janesville.



Above: The 2015 Janesville Royalty is Alli Schuch, Miss Congeniality; Emily Borneke, 1st Attendant; Mikaela Wehking, Miss Janesville; Kylie Morton, 2nd Attendant; Gabbie Hagen.


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