“Danny’s Angels” Arrive With a 4-Wheeler

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DSC_0487By Jerry Groebner, Times Editor
Rural Mankato: The care of an unknown mother who was alerted about a facebook posting that a young man had made, many miles away, and a phone call to local authorities saved a young man’s life, a life his mother is very happy to still have. Danny suffers from A.D.H.D., an anxiety disorder, aspersers autism, and a learning disorder. The phone call and intervention action convinced Danny that suicide was not the answer to the bullying he had been the victim of at St. Clair High School, with no apparent relief. Danny Sadler had decided to jump from a high place to end his misery. He said he was called names, made fun of, and made to feel worthless. Fortunately, Danny’s mother started a facebook page for Danny’s Angels to help Danny get a 4-wheeler (ATV), something the family that is just getting by, could not afford. Within just a few days, Danny’s Angels started adding golden and silver prayers, and soon a 4-wheeler was in sight.

Above: Kody Schindle guided Danny through his first time driving the ATV.
Danny’s mother and step-father, Deb and Steve Moe, and Danny had driven by Dane’s Bodyworks in Janesville and saw a blue ATV that was for sale, parked in front of the business. They stopped so Danny could see the “awesome” blue ATV to see how much it costs. They met Dane and his son Kody who showed the ATV to Danny and learned about Danny’s story. Danny and his parent went home with Danny happy he had seen the unit of his dreams, but all three figured it was still out of the picture. Kody said he was disappointed to learn that Danny’s bullying had happened at the school he had graduated from a few years earlier. The angels started working on Kody and Dane, and soon, the father-son combo decided to help Danny.
They made a sizable donation to Danny’s Angels and some phone calls to

some of their friends. They then found that the fund was still $300 short, so they made another donation to cover the cost of the “Cooster 400” ATV. They then worked with Danny’s parents to plan a party for Danny, a friends’ picnic at Danny’s home, to make the surprise delivery and gift to Danny.

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